Austral Construction is an established Engineering Contractor with a drive to succeed. We succeed because we have good people, working in high-quality teams, towards common goals.

We encourage and reward our employees for hard work and loyalty, and promote continual learning through structured training to assist growth and development. We foster an environment that encourages employees to reach their full potential and consistently strive to exceed status quo. We understand that our employees are the foundation of our success, and we endeavour to build upon this through the employment of additional talented people who will further strengthen and energize our business.

When you join Austral you join a well-respected, honourable, and hard-working company that invests in employees and their career. We will give you the opportunities to develop, take on responsibilities, grow with the business. Your work will be valued, and you’ll feel that you’ve regularly contributed to your sites and business’ success.

For more information about careers at Austral or inquiries about any positions vacant, please contact us via the email address

Current Vacancies:
Site Facilities Cleaner - WA (Updated 17/03/2022)
Procurement and Plant Records Coordinator - WA (Updated 13/04/2022)
Final Trim Excavator Operators and Final Trim Grader Operators - WA (Updated 11/01/2022)
Graduate Accountant - VIC (Updated 18/02/2022)
Project Engineers - WA (Updated 04/01/2022)
Mechanical Tradesperson- Port Hedland, WA (Updated 17/03/2022)
Boilermaker/Fabricator - VIC & WA (Updated 25/11/2021)
Mechanical Tradesperson- VIC (Updated 25/11/2021)

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