OHSHigh occupational health and safety standards form part of Austral Construction’s business. A strong commitment to OHS is demonstrated through the practical OHS Management System, certified to AS/NZS 4801 since 2000, and the right attitude evident in employees, contractors and visitors to site. The OHS Management System is successfully integrated into all operations and is  consistently reviewed and refined to strive for continual improvement and industry best practice. Dedicated professionals are specifically employed to maintain and improve the system on an ongoing basis.

Austral provides safe premises, safe machinery and materials, safe systems of work, information, instruction, training and supervision, suitable working environments and facilities for all employees, contractors and visitors. Austral has an active Risk Management Committee which upholds proactive management of operational and day-to-day risks whilst implementing specific control measures to adequately manage risks. In addition, pre-construction and operational project risk assessments are conducted for every project to ensure that OHS ‘on the ground’ is the number one priority. This priority extends to Austral’s Melbourne and Perth Offices, where the same standard of OHS governance is enforced.

A robust compliance, surveillance and auditing program ensures that Austral prescribed safety principles, procedures and legal requirements are complied with at all times and that timely actions are taken to address any identified hazards. Austral’s impressive OHS performance is evidenced by the continuous improvement in the reduction of workplace injuries and the high level of workplace consultation and safety interactions. Austral’s enforcement of a safe workplace and its objective of returning individuals home the same way they arrived to site sets the precedent that no task is too important that it cannot be done safely.