EnvAustral is dedicated to the environmental management and sustainability of the natural environment and its resources that are affected by business operations. Austral’s commitment is highlighted through certification of its system to ISO 14001 and its passion to develop employee competence in the analysis and understanding of environmental issues as a foundation for environmental management. Austral continually develops robust solutions to site environmental problems and furthermore, forecasts potential issues through site impact/risk assessments, compliance, surveillance and auditing programs, and collaboration with employees, contractors and clients.

The Environmental Management System forms part of Austral’s long-term goal in managing significant environmental impacts. The system assists sites in identifying environmental impacts, objectives and targets, operational and emergency procedures, responsibilities, reporting structures, and continual improvement. Austral is committed to lowering its carbon footprint, reducing levels of waste and becoming more sustainable, evident through current environmental statistics, audit results and the positive attitude of employees and subcontractors towards environmental management and sustainability.

Being energy efficient and planning for a clean energy future are fundamental elements in the Austral vision for current and future projects. Ensuring the business is more efficient and sustainable will have a positive effect on the environment, but more importantly will teach employees, contractors and visitors long-term lessons about maintaining the current environment for tomorrow’s generation.