Austral Executive Directors

Craig Allen

Managing Director

Craig Allen has over 28 years of experience in the construction industry, much of it spent in civil engineering earthworks, road works, concrete structures and commercial building. In his many career positions he has gained a thorough knowledge of planning, estimating and costing, spending many years onsite in supervisory and project management roles, and more recently, managing the direction and corporate governance of the business.

Craig joined Austral in 1997 as Civil Manager and in mid 2002 was promoted to the position of Managing Director of the Austral Group. Whilst being Managing Director of Austral Group Craig remains close to the business development role, in close industry contact with his clients, ensuring selected projects are aligned to our core capabilities to ensure a successful project outcome.

Aaron Turner

Operations Director

Aaron Turner has over 16 years experience in the construction industry – all of it spent in civil engineering projects involving wharfs, earthworks, dams, and in-ground structures such as pump stations and tunnels. He has gained a broad knowledge of the planning and execution of major infrastructure projects, with all the attendant issues of cost control, labour management, resource management and stringent HSEQ compliance.

Aaron joined Austral in 1999 site managing the majority of our major projects until mid 2002 where he was promoted to Operations Director as the company’s growth continued strongly in the marine infrastructure market along the east coast of Australia. Over the last six years Aaron has led Austral’s expansion into the Pilbara Region of Western Australia working extensively for Rio Tinto delivering a range of civil, marine and building projects.